Odes to the Multiverse is a fiction podcast featuring short and serialized science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories written by Tonya R. Moore. This fun little show brings you tales of distant worlds and strange futures where earthbound horrors unfold. Marvel at the macabre and maleficent and embrace the weird and wonderful.

Podcast Mission & Reason

Odes to the Multiverse Podcast’s mission is to employ the power of Spoken Word to entertain, mesmerize, and inspire.

Storytelling–specifically, oral tradition, is as old as human culture. The feeling we get from telling and listening to stories is incomparable. It’s transcendent. Podcasting allows us to perpetuate this ancient rite on a more far-reaching scale than ever before.



Podcast Audience

Odes to the Multiverse will appeal to fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror who love the cerebral, imaginative, and visceral stories that dot the landscape of fictional universes such as Doctor Who, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Raised by Wolves, Farscape; and the works of authors such as Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury, and Larry Niven.

The stories featured on Odes to the Multiverse explore subgenres such as body horror, space opera, solarpunk, cyberpunk, godpunk, and Afrofuturism. They envelop themes such as transformation, memories, courage, mystery, ferocity, optimism, and the myriad of vices and virtues that encapsulate and complicate the irrepressible human spirit.

Podcast Schedule

Episode 2 of Odes to the Multiverse airs on March 18, 2022, with new episodes airing biweekly on Friday mornings henceforth.

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