About this Podcast

Odes to the Multiverse features short and serialized tales of distant worlds and strange futures where earthbound horrors unfold.

Schedule: Fortnightly, Friday morning

Creator & Host: Tonya R. Moore

The Story Behind
Odes to the Multiverse.

I remember being ten years old and not being able to wrap my head around the notion of an entire universe originating from absolutely nothing. Decades later, I’m still mystified by the Big Bang Theory, but I’ve since discovered that imagining is far more entertaining than knowing. Odes to the Multiverse is a testament to that belief.

I grew up on the island of Jamaica and many of my stories were inspired by West Indian lore, speculative fiction movies and television, and classic sci-fi books I read during my youth. My stories celebrate the ageless art of storytelling and the multiverse of possibilities spawned by the human imagination.

Who Will Like This Podcast?

Odes to the Multiverse will appeal to listeners who love the cerebral, imaginative, and visceral stories that make up the landscape of fictional universes such as Doctor Who, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Raised by Wolves, Farscape, and the works of authors such as Octavia Butler, Ray Bradbury, and Larry Niven.

The stories featured on Odes to the Multiverse explore subgenres such as, body horror, space opera, solarpunk, cyberpunk, godpunk and Afrofuturism. They envelop themes such as transformation, memories, courage, mystery, self-confidence, human ferocity, optimism, and the indomitable nature of the human spirit.

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